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PA Waiver Service

The PA Waiver Program administered by the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) in Pennsylvania is dedicated to providing crucial services and assistance to individuals with intellectual disabilities. This initiative is essential for ensuring that those with developmental challenges have access to the support they need to lead meaningful lives.

Waiver Program's impact on Intellectual Disability Services

Enhanced Service Accessibility:

The PA Waiver Program, managed by ODP, aims to broaden access to a diverse range of services tailored to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through flexible waivers that enable customized service provision and funding, the program facilitates access to care, assistance, and resources designed to address each individual's unique requirements.

Comprehensive Service Offerings:

ODP delivers a comprehensive suite of services via the PA Waiver Program, encompassing habilitation services, behavioral supports, respite care, employment aid, and residential assistance. These services cater to various facets of an individual's life, facilitating skill enhancement, community integration, and overall happiness.

Quality Control Measures:

ODP upholds rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure that services provided through the PA Waiver Program meet established effectiveness and safety criteria. Regular monitoring, evaluation, and feedback mechanisms are employed to uphold high standards of service delivery and accountability.

Individual-Centered Approach:

Emphasizing a person-centric approach, the program prioritizes tailoring services to meet the specific needs, aspirations, and preferences of individuals with intellectual disabilities. This focus ensures that services are geared towards fostering independence, self-determination, and overall well-being.

Family Assistance:

Acknowledging the vital role families play, the program extends support to caregivers and families through services such as respite care and caregiver training. This recognition underscores the program's commitment to assisting not just the individuals in need but also their families and caregivers.

Advocacy and Empowerment:

Serving as advocates for individuals with intellectual disabilities, the program empowers them to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. Through initiatives that promote self-advocacy and facilitate the exercise of rights, the PA Waiver Program encourages empowerment and autonomy.


In conclusion, the PA Waiver Program under the auspices of the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is pivotal in ensuring that individuals with intellectual disabilities in Pennsylvania receive the necessary services and support for leading fulfilling lives. Through its holistic approach, individual-centric philosophy, and commitment to quality, the program significantly contributes to the well-being and integration of individuals with intellectual disabilities within society.

We'll help with the method involved in applying for the Waiver Program.

Waivers give a variety of administrations and advantages, including the choice to pick qualified suppliers, fair treatment insurances, and confirmations of wellbeing and security. In Pennsylvania, these waivers empower people to get backing and administrations in their own networks rather than institutional consideration, on account of government reserves “deferred” from Clinical Help/Medicaid rules.

At Golden Heritage Services, we’re devoted to assisting seniors with keeping up with their personal satisfaction in the solace of their homes and networks. That is the reason we offer help all through the Dad Waiver application process.


We give the accompanying waiver administrations to qualified clients under the Pennsylvania Division of Human Administrations:

Maturing Waiver:

This waiver offers home and local area-based administrations to Pennsylvanians north of 60, permitting them to keep residing freely with the vital help.

Chaperon Care/Act 150 Waiver:

This waiver, alongside the state-subsidized Act 150 program, helps people in excess in their homes and networks with the help they need.

OBRA Waiver:

The OBRA Waiver is intended to assist people with formative or actual handicaps live autonomously locally.

Commcare Waiver:

This waiver gives home and local area based benefits explicitly for people with Awful Cerebrum Injury (TBI). Regardless of your circumstance, we're here to direct you through the application interaction and guarantee you get the consideration and support you merit.

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