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Frequently Asked Questions

Home health care encompasses a range of services that are specifically designed to assist pediatrics, adults, and seniors in their recovery after a hospital stay or facility visit. These services can also cater to individuals who are technologically dependent or in need of assistance to maintain safety and comfort within their own homes. The main purpose of home health care is to facilitate the healing process in the familiar environment of one’s residence through rehabilitation and skilled nursing services.

If you are in need of home health services, there are several ways to arrange for them. Patients, physicians, hospital case managers, family members, insurance case managers, and community coordinators can all reach out to Golden Health Services for assistance. However, it is important to note that certified home health care services typically require a physician’s prescription, as mandated by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance providers. In cases where a prescription is not available but services are desired, the home health agency can propose a care plan to address the individual’s needs and work in collaboration with their physician, insurance provider, or support coordinator as necessary.

Golden Health Services understands that navigating financial and insurance matters can be challenging. That is why we offer assistance in this area. In many cases, Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurance providers will cover part or all of the care provided by certified home health care agencies. Clients also have the option of private payment, commonly known as “private pay.” Our team of home care specialists can help individuals determine if their required services may be covered by external sources and assist in confirming eligibility. If the cost of care exceeds coverage limits, clients have the choice of personally paying the remaining balance.

Home care services can be provided wherever an individual resides. Whether it is in a private home, a senior living community, or while temporarily staying with a friend or family caregiver, our services can be delivered to meet the individual’s needs and preferences.

The duration of home care varies depending on the individual’s needs. It can range from a few hours, days, or weeks to a long-term basis. If a physician is recommending home care, the services will be tailored to meet your specific needs until your care goals are achieved. If you are initiating home care independently, you have the flexibility to decide the number of hours and frequency of care needed, especially for private pay. Certain home care providers may have a minimum hourly requirement or ask for a contract for a specific duration of time.

For personalized assistance or any questions about home health care, reach out to our specialists.

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